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Blunt Steel

BS Fun... Bar 6’ Rail 3.0

BS Fun... Bar 6’ Rail 3.0

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The BS Fun bar skate rail (formally know as the Blunt bar) is longer and taller than the Grom and Budz. It starts off as a 6’ long round piece of coping. Once fabrication is complete it sits on the ground with padding on the feet. The Blunt bar is around 1.75” off the ground, making it about 4” tall. You can still slappy grind onto it from both ends, but since it is taller you can also do blunt slides, board slides, and smith grinds. 

Red Curb No Parking Edition rails are red and have “NO PARKING” decal on one side and regular BS logo decal on the other side.


NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. These are solid and built to last. Only rails on the market designed and built by a skater owned company that specializes in steel fabrication. 

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