Nothings shows power and strength for your business better than a hand crafted steel sign. 


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Studio 514

Steel storefront sign for a hair salon. Multiple parts hand fabricated. Large chain used to hang sign. Finished with rustic patina and clear coat.

 blunt steel store front sign signage metal art commercial art             blunt steel sign art metal hand crafted


Buffalo Co

Steel Storefront sign for a salon & barber shop. Sign hand cut with plasma cutter. Sign mount fabricated as well. Final product painted white.

blunt steel store front sign metal art business           blunt steel sign storefront signage business weld fabrication art metal art craftsman


Captain Grounds Coffee

Steel sign of a company logo.  Hand cut and welded multiple parts to create a unique sign that will last forever... with love

Captain Grounds Coffee logo steel sign blunt steel


Blockhead Skateboards

Steel sign hand cut with plasma cutter.  Made with hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel to create a contrast in color. Clear coat finish.

blockhead skateboards steel sign blunt steel metal art show   blunt steel blockhead skateboards steel sign art show

blunt steel blockhead skateboards steel sign art show  blunt steel blockhead skateboards steel sign art show cool shit

Theres more stuff but its late and I'm tired...


    Our Shop Foreman with a ton of experience. An immigrant from Mexico and a master metal fabricator. He enjoys spending time with family.


    Our CEO that invents the BLUNT STEEL. He enjoys long walks on the beach and dreams about becoming a professional tickle fighter.



    Our Warehouse Manager and Assistant To The Regional Manager. He enjoys shredding. Instagram


    Our Product Manager. She enjoys pilates, music festivals, and loves animals. Instagram


    Our Assistant Regional Manager. She enjoys being mean to the CEO Instagram


    Our Shop Prayer Manager and Soft Goods Quality Control Manager. An immigrant from Mexico and an amazing lady. She enjoys praying.


    Our Shop Dog. Always down to hang out. She enjoys punching people in the crotch or the butt with her snout.

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